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Many victims of Broker Abuse tend to try to make things happen by chasing in many directions. Often they will spend months and even years pursuing a complaint with the regulators. Sooner or later you will discover that the regulators can not get your money back.

While it is true that if your broker is convicted by his peers, that will provide some justification for your complaint. However, your broker may not be disciplined because of insufficient evidence. You will find that your Broker probably has a different recollection of events, particularly if they are not recorded in writing.

You should do some preliminary work on your own as described elsewhere before talking to anyone. The first person you talk to should be someone you know well and can trust. Your family lawyer will be a good start before making any statements to the regulators or your broker.

Your family lawyer should be able to recommend a lawyer with appropriate experience for your particular situation. If your problem is with a broker, you should speak to a good securities broker. 

Canadian Legal Expert Directory

For reference SIPA provides a link to the website for the Canadian Legal Expert Directory. If you are looking for a securities lawyer, refer to the section for securities litigation. Talk to two or three and arrange an interview with your choice.

Remember that you are hiring him to work for you with the objective of getting your money back. Ask about his previous success. Ask how much will it cost to resolve your situation. Ask if his firm works on a contingency fee basis, and if so what percentage will it be. 

Finding Legal Help in Ontario

This guide has been prepared by the Bora Laskin Law Library to help people find a lawyer or other legal support to help resolve legal problems. Visit the website for Finding Legal Help in Ontario.