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SIPA 2015 Animation/Video Contest: Investor Be Aware

Contest Winners

November 16th, 2015

The Video Contest closed on October 31st. There were entries from across the U.S.A. and Canada. The entries were varied with videos and animation. All carried a good message and are of good quality. The five judges took time to review each entry and arrived at an independent list. Then the judges had the opportunity to discuss reasons and finally arrived at the list of the three winners.

The judges felt it was so difficult to decide the winners that we should have three consolation prizes for entries that were in the final six.

First Prize winner $3000 is Nora Novak of Sylmar, California.

Second Prize winner $1500 is Andrew Guengerich of Austin, Texas.

Third Prize winner $750 is Tanner Fletcher of Lethbridge, Alberta

Consolation Prize winner $200 is Eric Nauert of St. Louis, MO

Consolation Prize winner $200 is Wyatt Henrie of Henderson, NV

Consolation Prize winner $200 is Nicole McIntyre of El Paso Texas

Congratulations to all six winners. You will be helping to raise investor awareness and hopefully prevent some people from losing their retirement savings.

Thank you for participating in SIPA’s first video contest. Our judges enjoyed it as much as the participants.