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New Report
Listen To The Voices
April 2018. SIPA has issued this report in response to the long awaited FCAC report to the Bank Inquiry. FCAC is proposing to continue with the banks self-regulating. This is not acceptable.

This report visits the trauma and mental health effects upon victims of financial assault, when it is learned that they have little chance for fair and honest treatment by the industry and those who enable it. SIPA is issuing a direct challenge to our elected officials to listen to the actual voices of victims and employees.

SIPA OPEN LETTER to Securities Regulators
October 2017, SIPA Advisory Committee critiques Securities Regulators' websites regarding registration and suggests improvements

Web of Deception - Opening Pandora's Box
Strategic Insidious Deception costs Canadians Billions. The culture of greed extends through the banks sytems.

Checking an Advisor's Registration
This report asks the question "Are They Above the Law?" It examines the system and provides detailed scrutiny. December 2016

Advisor Title Trickery
Illustrates "Financial Advisor" title means acting as commission sales person even if they have higher qualifications.

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A Must Read

Easy Prey Investors
Al Rosen & Mark Rosen

This insightful book exposes financial manipulation details and explains why broken safety nets threaten your wealth.

More information >>

The Investment Industry Exposed

A courageous letter from Julia and Mikhail Lipovetsky to the OSC that represents the dispute experience of all small investors.

Read the letter >>

A Fiduciary Oath

The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard has developed an Oath for Advisors. Read more >>


CBC Go Public Exposes FCAC Deception of the Public

The Federal Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is co-operating with the banks to cover up wrongdoing that is fleecing the public. Is Government aware of this collusion?

Canadians are finally learning the truth and it is ugly. SIPA has known for decades but media was reluctant to expose the Big Banks until Go Public lifted the lid on Pandora's Box in March 2017 and continued with additional disclosures as thousands of Canadians came forward to expose the truth.

This latest exposure is explosive! The Federal Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is a Government regulator for the banks. Finally CBC Go Public has exposed that the FCAC is colluding with the banks to deceive the Canadian public.

Read the article >>

Deceptive Practices

On March 29th, 2017, CBC Go Public was featured on the National with Peter Mansbridge. That program included Larry Elford, a SIPA Advisory Committee Member, explaining the investment industry deception of the public by calling their commission sales representatives Advis"ors" rather than Advis"ers" as defined in Securities Acts. It is available on YouTube for viewing >>

Now CBC has done it again.

CBC’s “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” produced a program that aired on December 4th, 2018. Part way through at the 11:50 minute mark, Mark Critch does a skit on the registration deception of the investment industry calling their commission sales persons ADVISORS to evade the responsibilities imposed on ADVISERS by Securities Acts. The program may be viewed here >>

For convenience, the segment on this deceptive practice has been extracted. In this 1 minute 48 second version Mark Critch explains clearly and concisely how the public is deceived by false titles and provides absurd comparisons to drive the message home (view clip >>).

Special Report

CBC Go Public Investigation into Big Banks

CBC's Go Public program is prying open Pandora's Box in an investigation into the selling practices of the major Canadian banks.

Their CBC TV programs have revealed how the banks really operate and the pressures placed on employees to upsell products and services to maximize bank profits. On March 29th CBC Go Public was the lead story on The National with Peter Mansbridge. It was this program that lifted the lid on Pandora’s Box and revealed how the public is being deceived. It also announced SIPA's "Web of Deception" Report which details some of the deceptive practices.

Most recent reports:

Summaries of the earlier broadcasts can be read at these links:

CBC Go Public also have another story rolling out (online, radio, CBC News Network and the National), so check your TV and radio schedules and check online in case you miss the broadcasts. A link will be provided here as soon as available.

If you have a story to tell please contact Go Public or contact SIPA for further information. Please add your voice to the growing response from fellow Canadians.

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The current investment industry regulatory system does not provide adequate protection for the small investor.

SIPA is a voice for those small investors -- Canadians who have investments from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars, but who do not influence the market or individual share prices and who do not have a financial manager on staff.

A non-profit organization supported by members and private donations, SIPA prepares and submits reports to government and regulators, tracks industry fraud, and does its best to keep the small investor informed. Learn more about SIPA's priorities.

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