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SIPA Membership

Due to lack of resources SIPA no longer operates our membership program. Our website no longer has a members’ section and is open to the public.

For those interested in membership in SIPA, we offer to place your name on our e-mail mailing list so a copy of the Sentinel and, from time to time a Memo to Members which provides alerts or other information, will be e-mailed to you. We no longer mail hard copies and depend upon electronic communications.

Again due to lack of resources, including a membership secretary, we are unable to maintain our database for our membership register to record details of members and their issues. As a result we no longer operate our First Alert System (FAS) which enabled us to match members who had similar issues with the same firm. This FAS system enabled SIPA to arrange contact between members so they could take group action when the individual claim might be insufficient to warrant the expense of legal action.

We still issue Memos to Members to those who express interest in membership and are added to our mailing list.

SIPA is an organization for Canadian savers and investors and is not associated with or supported by the Banking and Investment industry.

SIPA does not provide investment advice. We are not Financial Advisers.

Be aware that SIPA keeps all members' identity and information provided confidential and will not reveal names without prior approval of the member.

SIPA reserves the right to use comments anonymously without revealing names. Read some of our reports where we include short comments from investors.

This is done to help make Canadians aware of how the Banking and Investment industry treats clients. We do ask members to speak out and from time to time will relay media requests for people to speak by means of our Memo to Members.